Revel Nail Dip Powder Kit Review


Why dip powder?
–No UV light
–Can do at home, no salon visits
–Non-toxic, no odor
–Crack & chip resistant
–2-4 min dry time
–Manicure doesn’t long
–Easy to remove
–Lasts longer, 3-4 weeks
–Can do on your natural nails whether they’re long or short, can also do with a tip

Why Revel?
–Awesome reward system
–TONS of color options
–User friendly: good directions & tutorials

I purchased the Dip Powder Starter Kit for $49.99 which includes
–Step 1 Probase
–Step 2 Activator
–Step 3 Finish Gel
–Brush softener
–2 oz dip powder jar, shade of your choice

Powder Options & Price
–280 colors: nude to black and everything in between
–Mood changers
–Sun changing colors
–0.5 oz jar $7.99
–1.0 oz for $14.99
–2.0 oz for $24.99

The 0.5 oz jar is PLENTY unless you find a color you really love and will use a lot. I got a 2.0 oz jar and I’m pretty sure it will last a lifetime.

I got a soft, light pink so I can paint over it. I have horrible natural nails and the dip powder provides a nice base. If you do use regular nail polish over top, be sure to remove it with NON-ACETONE remover.

These products are so easy to use. I watched the video tutorials before getting started and that really helped. The first time I did it, it was too thick, but I’ve gotten better. You will need a buffer and nail file to smooth out the nail.

–Soak off with ACETONE
–Dip cotton ball/round in acetone, place on nail, wrap nail in tin foil, wait 10 minutes, and remove foil. Test one nail first to make sure the acetone has broken down the product and you can get it off easily. If not, let them soak a little longer.
–May need a cuticle tool to scrape off the excess product

Will this damage your nails?
Yes. Any sort of acrylic, gel, dip powder, etc. will damage your natural nail.

My mom’s longer, natural nails
My short, natural nails
My nails with a tip and powder

This post is not sponsored. I paid for all of the products myself. If you are interested in purchasing you can use my link and I will receive points, but no commission. 

I tried to answer the most common questions, but if you have any others, leave them in the comments and I will get back to you!


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