Fair Skin Friday: Brightening Powders

When I first started watching YouTube and getting into makeup, banana powder was every where. Of course, I wanted to try the trend too, but there were NO shades that were light enough for me. The purpose of banana powder is to brighten, the shades I tried darkened or just blended in with my skin.

Thankfully, the makeup industry is getting more inclusive from fair to deep and there are finally some great products on the market that are great to brighten up the under eye area if you have fair skin.


Makeup Revolution Ghost Baking Powder
–$8 @ Ulta (Ulta exclusive) for 1.47 oz
–Flashes back, no good for photos
–Cruelty free
–Pure white, makes under eye SUPER bright

Essence Brighten Up! Banana Powder
–$4.99 @ Ulta for 0.31 oz
–No flashback
–Cruelty free

J Cat Luxe Pro Powder in Porcelain
–$6.99 @ Ulta (online only) for 1.5 oz
–No flashback

NYX HD Banana Powder (not pictured)
–$9.99 @ Ulta for 0.28 oz
–Cruelty free
–No flashback

Since some of these have flashback and others don’t, I took an empty powder jar and made my own mixture. I mixed the Makeup Revolution, J Cat, and I scraped some from the pan of the Essence powder. I get the benefit of all 3 and no flashback. The Ghost powder is what flashes back the worst so I used the least amount of it.

There are few others that I haven’t tried, but are on my list. They are…
MAC Emphasize
Ben Nye Cameo
KKW Beauty

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