Makeup Storage

I moved home a little over a month ago and my bathroom is SO much bigger and I have so much more room for all of my makeup.

The setup here is quite different than it was at my apartment so I thought I’d show you how I keep my makeup organized.

I’m going to link everything at the bottom of the post/IMG_0092

I have 2 drawer sets stacked on each other for my makeup. Both boxes are from Amazon.

Drawer 1–Mascaras
Drawer 2–Primers :: Pressed Powders, Concealers, Correctors
Drawer 3–To Try Face :: To Try Eyes & Lips
Drawer 4–Highlighters :: Loose Powders

Drawer 1–Eye liners & Brow Products
Drawer 2–Bronzers & Contours
Drawer 3–Blushes
Drawer 4–Eye Shadow Singles

IMG_0093All of my foundations live on top of the smaller box in this acrylic organizer from TJ Maxx. I found in in the kitchen section and it’s perfect.

Almost all of my lip products are in 5 drawer unit from Muji.

Drawer 1–MAC & Lancome
Drawer 2–Minis & Bite Beauty
Drawer 3–NYX, elf, & Urban Decay
Drawer 4–Luxury, High End, & Maybelline
Drawer 5–Liners, Lip Primers, & Kylie Cosmetics

On top of the Muji drawers, I have a byAlegory organzier that has my liquid lipsitcks and a few glosses in it. On the side, I have my setting sprays and a big powder brush


I have a letter sorter beside the liquid lip holder that holds my eye shadow palettes and my lash curler. This was another TJ Maxx find.

Big box
Smaller box
Muji 5 drawers (I got mine on sale, do not pay full price)
Brush tower
Liquid lipstick holder
–Palette and foundation holders from TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, and stores like that always really great acrylic organizers. Amazon is a great source too. There are so many really expensive boxes, but you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get good organization.


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  1. […] this for $5 at Marhsalls and it just had to come with me. –I still love my brush tower, seen here, but this was just something different to have on my vanity for […]


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