Kylie Cosmetics Lip Products Review


I am the last person to hop on the Kylie Cosmetics train. I like for the hype to die down before I try something out. I was browsing the site, contemplating a concealer purchase, when I came across this trio. I’ve been wanting to try her lip products and this was the perfect way to get more bang for my buck AND I had $10 off coupon.

I have nothing against the Kardashian/Jenner clan, this is a just a review on the cosmetics.

The shade I got is Posie K.


Matte Singles
–$17 for 0.11 fl oz
Kit that comes with liner is $29
–16 shades
Pros: Cruelty free, dries down quickly
Cons: Online only, out of stocks, gets dry after about 5 hours
Final Verdict: Not the worst or the driest matte liquid lipstick I’ve tried; I will continue to use it, but I won’t buy any other shades; gloss or lip balm make it better

Velvet Singles
–$16 for 0.11 fl oz
–16 shades
Kit that comes with liner is $27
Pros: Cruelty free, SUPER comfortable, non drying, lasts a long time
Cons: Online only, out of stocks
Final Verdict: LOVE this formula, like even better than the Colour Pop Ultra Satins, would definitely buy more shades

–$15 for 0.09 fl oz
–No kit option available
–15 shades
Pros: Cruelty free, not sticky, pigmented
Cons: Online only, out of stocks
Final Verdict: I don’t love glosses, but this one wasn’t bad. It was very pigmented and not overly sticky. I probably won’t buy any other shades though.

Overall thoughts
–I like that the brand is cruelty free.
–The shade range is great and there’s something for everyone, even some wild, out of the box shades.
–The matte liquid lipsticks are drying, no way around it.
–The velvet formula blew my mind. I want more shades!
–I know the hype comes from her name and not necessarily the products.
–Minus the crazy expensive brushes, I think her prices are fair and in line with similar products.
–I want to try the concealers and bullet lipsticks next



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