8 Brands to Try in 2018


As much makeup as I own and have tried, can you believe I’ve never tried any products from these brands? I want to broaden my horizons and empty my wallet even more in 2018 and here’s what is on my list.

  1. J Cat Beauty
  2. Flower Beauty
  3. Japonesque
  4. Tree Hut
  5. Laura Geller
  6. Glossier
  7. Violet Voss 
  8. Pixi

Let me know if yall have tried any of these products!

P.S. Tarte is coming out with Shape Tape Foundation and I nearly passed out from the excitement. There is a hydrating and a matte version. I’m going to get the hydrating formula. I got an Ulta gift card for Christmas and this will be mine as soon as it goes live on Ulta’s site on January 21. It will be in Ulta stores February 4.


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